Mestre Ivo Araújo

Founder of Manhattan Samba

(União da Ilha de Manhattan)


is a teacher, master samba percussionist and dancer. With over 40 years of teaching and performing samba, Ivo is full of tips and tricks, samba stories and ginga. By being a samba pioneer in New York's music scene and training fellow samba school leaders, he paved the way for NYC's Brazilian carnival culture. 


 Michael Walz

Sapo Rei de Oliveira



is a teacher, composer, arranger, singer, guitarist, cavaquinista, percussionist and audio engineer. Michael holds an extended master' degree in Music and Music Pedagogy from the University of Music & Theatre »Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy« of Leipzig, Germany. With his methodologies, he bridges the gap between "street" and "academic".