Ivo Araújo

Founder and Mestre de Bateria

April 22nd 1945 - Ivo cracking the egg

Oi gente, cheguei! Tem comida em casa?

1951 - Ivo's 1st attempt applying his charme
January 1970 - Ivo parading with Portela at the Passargada o Amigo do Rei
1980 - Ivo sambando
1987 - Ivo Araújo playing with Manhattan Samba at the Brazilian Day New York on 46th Street, Little Brazil
1988 - Ivo Araújo and Dancer Glaucia performing with samba band Casa Grande e Senzala in New York City
August 2nd 1988 - Ivo Araújo jamming Brazilian music in Central Park New York City
1989 - singer George Silva pandeirista Ivo Araújo performing with samba band Kilombo dos Palmares at the Symphony Space New York City
1995 - Ivo Araújo and Mestre Bira playing with the Escola de Samba União da Ilha do Governador in Rio de Janeiro
January 15th 1994 - Tomate Mestre Paulão and Ivo Araújo playing with the Escola de Samba União da Ilha do Governador
April 7th 2006 - Manhattan Samba posing at Brasilia Grill in Newark
1998 - Jairzinho, the Brazilian World Soccer Champion from 1970, and Ivo Araújo jamming in New York
February 12th 1994 - Acadêmicos do Morro de Dende in Rio de Janeiro

Ivo, a native Carioca, grew up in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. From early childhood on, he was drawn to the mystical and powerful drum sounds of the "morros" (slums) of Rio de Janeiro. It was Ivo’s Mom who took him, while she was pregnant, to Rio's famous samba schools. His earliest memories consist of batucadas (drum ensembles) and street "blocos de sujo" (street percussion bands).


1950 Ivo sees everybody very sad when Brazil was in mourning for having lost the soccer world cup in its own country against Uruguay (2:1). The Maracanaço, but the samba did not stop (“levanta sacode a poeira da a volta por cima”, song: Volta por cima). The man Ivo most admired at that time was Natal da Portela, the one armed man (o homem de um braço só), very active and respected. At the Old Portelinha, the rehearsals, Ivo had his attention on the band and passistas meanwhile his mom was dancing.


On the way home from school, sitting in the back of the busses, Ivo and his classmates every day used to bang “batucando” with their hands on the back seats and walls, turning them into percussion instruments meanwhile singing current samba themes from their favorite sambas schools and blocos.


Not much to the liking of the bus drivers, it was to them he dedicated the lyrics of this popular street song. “Nesse carro não viajo mais, jogaram um par de xifres no banco de tras. O par de xifres estava muito quente jogaram o par de xifres no banco da frente. O trocador deu logo a pista, o par de xifres não é meu, é do motorista.” (música engraçada e de gosação).


With daily exercises and weekly rehearsals at the samba school, it didn't take long to find him playing the various instruments and dancing samba steps (passista) among some blocos and Rio's leading samba schools, which are the large social clubs that make up Rio's carnival parades.


Ivo moved to NYC in 1980 where he started performing in New York’s Halloween Parade with different samba groups and joined to Empire Loisada Samba School. He also played for Manoel Monteiro’s Batucada Samba Band.


In 1988 founded, Ivo founded the samba bands Casa Grande e Senzala and Quilombo dos Palmares.


It was in 1990 when he teamed up with Amy Duncan to bring Manhattan Samba to life. Being the mestre of Manhattan Samba (band leader), he conducts the band.


Manhattan Samba marked its debut in the NYC’s Brazilian Independence Day Festival and Halloween Parade and has been performing annually in both events ever since!


On a tight weekly Saturday late-night schedule, from 1990 to 2005, he led the band to a long-running hit show at NYC’s prestigious latin music club SOB’S.


In order to form a strong bateria (Samba School) for the weekly events, Ivo started teaching drums to Manhattan Samba members. Since then he taught and continues teaching hundreds of drummers. He is very passionate about passing along the samba tradition and music style to everybody interested. Proudly, he watches local samba groups evolving from his teaching.
In the meantime, he conducted Manhattan Samba at hundreds of different venues.


Since 2006 up to present, he leads Manhattan Samba at bi-weekly shows at the Brazilian Churrascaria (Steakhouse) Brasilia Grill in Newark, NJ.


In 2008, Manhattan Samba started its first intercultural music collaboration with Gogol Bordello performing at the Irving Plaza in NYC.

August 8th 1987 - Dancer Ivo Araújo performing with Empire Loisada in NYC
1988 - Ivo Araújo performing with samba band Casa Grande e Senzala at Smugglers Restaurant Queensborough Plaza New York City
1989 - Cavaquinista Carlinos pandeirista Ivo Araújo and singer George Silva performing with samba band Kilombo dos Palmares
April 2nd 1991 - Ivo Araújo playing with samba band Kilombo dos Palmares at the Ballroom in New York City
April 12th 2004 - Manhattan Samba rehearsing in East Village's Clemente Soto Center in New York City
July 1995 - Manhattan Samba performing at the Clearwarter Festival New Jersey
November 13th 1993 - Dancer Ivo Araújo performing with the Blocko do Boi in Rio de Janeiro
February 19th 1994 - Ivo Araújo, Mestre Cosme, Mestre Felicio playing with the Escola de Samba União da Ilha do Governador in Rio de Janeiro - Samba School Theme Abrakadabra
May 30th 1998 - Ivo Araújo playing with Paul Winter at the Boston Pub
2001 - Manhattan Samba playing at a soccer game in the Giant Stadium Red Bull in New Jersey
July 2001 - Manhattan Samba performance at the night club Copacabana in New York City
June 23rd 2007 - Manhattan Samba performing with BossaFive and Sambazinha at a downtown New York dinner and dance club
September 2nd 2009 - Manhattan Samba playing at the Brazilian Day New York