Come join us, diving into the exciting world of Samba in a fun, uplifting and social environment!

Perform with Manhattan Samba in festivals, parades, and on many more occasions


We help you develop a confident voice on your instrument


Wednesdays from 7:30PM-9:30PM


held weekly

Batucada do Morro

Mondays from 7PM-9PM

Learn the music of Brazilians' famous Carnival in Manhattan Samba's Bateria rehearsals.


Classes focus on Rio’s style as it is played in their local “Escolas de Samba”.

Play together with many drummers creating one big orchestral drum sound. Participate with Manhattan Samba's Bateria in the many anually held performance highlights such as the Dance Parade NYC, Helloween Parade NYC, Brazilian Day NYC, etc. 


The instruments taught are: Agogô, Caixa, Cavaquinho (4 string guitar), Chocalho, Cuíca, Ganza, Pandeiro, Repinique, Reco-reco, Surdo 1a/2a/3a, Tamborim and Tarol.

Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced


Manhattan Samba teaches:

Dive into the diverse world of samba grooves from Rio’s shanty towns.
Classes focus on Brazil’s West-African musical heritage, with a predominant triplet-feel.
In percussion jam sessions, play rural “batidas” (rhythms) together with other drummers in an Q&A setting. Learn how to feel, create and switch fluently between binary and ternary meters.
The instruments taught are: Clapping, Pandeiro, Agogô, Caixa, Cavaquinho (4 string guitar), Cuíca, Ganza, Repinique, Reco-reco, Surdos, Tamborim.

Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Bandplay
  • The various Samba-Enredo grooves
  • Brazilian swing ("ginga")
  • Brazilian body moves
  • Samba-Enredo songs and its song forms
  • Traditional and Manhattan Samba breaks
  • Traditional and song specific conventions
  • Conductor's handsymbols 
  • Improvisational skills within a given frame 
    • to play authentic Brazilian grooves with “ginga” (Brazilian swing) that call people to dance
    • to ”Brazilify” your body coordination while playing (our unique method)
    • to build efficient instrument techniques
    • to understand typical music forms, conventions and arrangements within a song context
    • to sharpen your ear and merge symbiotically into the band sound
    • to release endorphins, make your heart pump and burn calories!
    • to make friends!
  • Jam session
  • The various Batidas do Morro grooves
  • Brazilian swing ("ginga")
  • Brazilian body moves
  • Samba songs
  • Switching btw. 2/4 and 6/8 feel
  • Playing within the band
  • Improvisation

Please bring drum sticks, ear plugs and your instrument. Bateria instruments can be provided for a $2 fee on a first-come, first-served basis.

Develop your musical talent and be part of one of NYC's foremost Brazilian carnival bands!